Oct 25 2016

International meeting Denmark 2017

An update for those traveling from Harwich on May 23rd (Tuesday night crossing) 9 cars so far. We will be met at the Hook by members of mx5NL and we will convoy to a central meeting point before going on to Germany for an over night stop (9 rooms booked). We will then cross the border to meet up with some of the Danish crews.



  • Mal Jones

    2 NDs plus hopefully a RF in the UK party as well as NA’s NB’s and NC’s

  • Mal Jones

    Now up to 12 cars for the Ferry on Tuesday plus the 4 from SE Latest update:
    There is now 25 cars going from the UK with 8 from SWM.
    In total there are 130 cars taking part that is 217 people.

  • Mal Jones

    There are now 11 cars traveling via the Tuesday night Ferry. With a further 4 cars meeting in Germany on the Wednesday.